Vanessa Ozuna, Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa Ozuna is Chief Operating Officer of Precision Task Group, Inc. and oversees all Operations, Recruitment, Sales, and Human Resources for our firm.  Ms. Ozuna has been with PTG for over 13 years.  Combining a mix of professional leadership development and business strategy, Ms. Ozuna works with professionals both inside and outside PTG’s corporate offices in Houston, as well as at the other locations.  Ms. Ozuna is skilled in Quality Management and standards for our company, which are vital to the Sales, Solutions Development, and maintenance of all work done within PTG.  Ms. Ozuna has over 13 years' experience in working with DIR and many agencies within the State of Texas. 


Ms. Ozuna is a native of Corpus Christie, Texas and resides in Houston, Texas.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston, as well as a PHR through Rice University Glasscock School of Continuing Education.


Federal Certifications and information

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Prime Contract Vehicles

Non-Federal Certifications

Federal GWAC Vehicles

TDPS License #B01059001