Ruckus’ claim to fame is their patented Smart Wi-Fi technology and its unique ability to support streaming multicast IP video over the 802.11 standard protocol. Ruckus can deliver longer range and more reliable Wi-Fi connections to client devices. Wi-Fi that reaches farther and is inherently more stable due to the adaptive nature and control of their technology. Smart Wi-Fi constantly steers signals around obstructions and obstacles, mitigates interference, and focuses RF energy ONLY where it’s needed to ensure unprecedented coverage and consistent performance at longer ranges. While other "Wi-Fi" companies focus on what happens to wireless users AFTER they are connected to the network, they focus first on getting users connected to the network reliably. Ruckus truly delivers on the promise of wireless—no strings attached.

Federal Certifications and information

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Prime Contract Vehicles

Non-Federal Certifications

Federal GWAC Vehicles

TDPS License #B01059001