Vision Hub

  • A powerful video core

  • Next generation video analytics and video search

  • Integration with 3rd party security systems

  • Map based visualization

  • Incident management capabilities

Smart: Advanced, homegrown and field-proven Video Analytics suite, including the patented, award-winning Suspect Search

Scalable: Fits any size and any architecture. From single, critical locations to multiple independent sites with centralized management location- whatever serves your needs

Strong: Powerful redundancy, the highest standards of IT security, and advanced video recording software make sure you’ll never lose video.

Simple: Deployment, configuration, and integrations infrastructure- designed to make delivery easy and cost-effective.


If your enterprise’s control room is like most, you’ve got a massive amount of information coming into it. Every system and sensor is sending in status updates, notifications and alerts. How do you make sense of it all? More importantly, how are your security operators handling it? Situator is ranked the #1 best physical security information management solution year after year. While physical security information management (PSIM) makes you aware of what’s going on, Situation Management extends the value of that knowledge outside of the security realm. With Situator’s capabilities, you can integrate security systems to manage a range of other operational functions.

Situator takes all of the information from your security systems and sensors and puts it into one centralized overview. You are able to see the big picture while also seeing all of the important aspects for you to operate securely.

Qognify’s physical security information management software makes sense of all the data coming into your control room. It brings greater awareness of what is happening and it does so sooner. That means you can respond faster and more effectively. You’ll know whom to send where, how many of them, and make sure they have the right equipment.

Situator’s Operational Intelligence Center module gives you added insight into your entire organization in real time and over time. Monitoring, measuring and analyzing the mass amounts of data Situator is already capturing, the Operational Intelligence Center gives you insight that allows you to be better prepared for events, thus minimizing their impact. Moreover, its customized and aggregated dashboards provide visualizations of your most important business and service KPIs. This provides in-depth views into everything from specific incidents to your overall business.

Suspect Search

The award-winning Suspect search is a real-time video analytics software that locates and tracks specific individuals in just minutes.

It all starts with specifying the target. You can upload a full-body photo to the system, create a composite image using our built-in tool, or use images directly from your video surveillance feeds. Suspect Search then uses patent-pending, next-generation real-time video analytics software to identify matches:

Immediate Results: Potential matches are revealed in 3-5 seconds

Efficient Filtering: 95% of irrelevant images are filtered out

Highly Accurate: 70% probability that targets will be identified in the first 5% of image matches

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