Public Sector

Public agencies choose PTG based on our past experience and qualifications, risk mitigation, responsive deliverables, and stability. Our nimble corporate structure alleviates cost layering and is fully capable of scale. PTG’s direct contract vehicles and nationwide minority certifications afford agencies a measure of confidence and experience in purchasing.

Consistent, dependable delivery for 30 years…PTG’s public sector practice stands the test of time!

Public sector agencies everywhere suffer from an overburdened infrastructure paired with ever-declining budgets. PTG’s public sector experience runs the gamut, from the US Army and Airforce, the FAA, and large state governments to small municipalities. Our solutions are scalable and meet the unique needs of each of our public clients. We also understand how the new regulatory environments further complicate life by requiring increased reporting and transparency. PTG’s public sector clients benefit from a variety of purpose-built technologies and solutions that meet these demands, while at the same time providing flexibility to meet the next set of regulatory challenges. 

Federal Certifications and information

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Prime Contract Vehicles

Non-Federal Certifications

Federal GWAC Vehicles

TDPS License #B01059001