PTG pulls it all together. We’re known for thoroughly understanding our client’s complex business challenges and then providing just the right IT solution to address their needs. For over 30 years, we’ve defined our value through responsiveness, vision, quality, and collaboration in every client engagement.

We’ll get there together: The right solution with the right team.

PTG’s clients come in all sizes, from both the public and private sectors and all across the nation. We develop enduring partnerships because of our exemplary record of delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions and remain adaptive to our client’s changing needs.  

Precision Task Group doesn’t just talk about customer satisfaction, we use objective measurements through our ISO-Certified Quality Management System to validate that those needs are actually being met. 

PTG is known for our ability to work within a variety of industries (healthcare, technology and both upstream and downstream oil and gas) and in both the private and public sectors (federal, state, local, and education). Whether leading or in a supporting role, PTG focuses on delivering business results through collaborative relationships with our clients, staff and strategic alliance partners. 

Precision Task Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has offices in Washington, D.C. PTG is certified as a minority business enterprise at the federal level and within many states throughout the U.S.

Federal Certifications and information

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Prime Contract Vehicles

Non-Federal Certifications

Federal GWAC Vehicles

TDPS License #B01059001